mercoledì 3 dicembre 2008

Retrieving the author of a script

I know that the best/recommended way to manage the authoring of R code consists in building a package containing a DESCRIPTION file.
Nevertheless, I wrote a very basic function retrieving the name of the authors of a script (or any text file) if these names are written within the first three rows of the file (easily changeable) with this format:

## Author:Pinco Palla, Paolino Paperino, Topo Gigio

The function: <- function(filename="myscript.R"){
str <- scan(filename, what='character', nlines=3, sep="\t", quiet=TRUE)
author <- grep("Author:([^ ]+)", str, value=T)
author <-sub('^.*Author:', "", author)
author <-strsplit(author,",")
author <- trim(author)

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