venerdì 4 settembre 2009

R Flashmob #2

As I said before, I consider the R-Help mailing list an invaluable source of information if you want to get things done in R. Recently the stackoverflow website, a site where programmers can post and answer questions about a wide list of programming languages, has been populated with a lot of questions and answers regarding R thanks to a 'virtual' flash mob. Because of this event, stackoverflow has become a extremely  precious web 2.0 resource for the R community.

An other R Flash Mob event is scheduled for Tuesday, 8th September. I warmly recommend all my readers to take part to this event so to populate the stackoverflow site with even more useful questions and answers about our beloved R.

You can find both the event details and a letter, depicting the event, which you may forward to your colleagues/R-fanboy here.

2 commenti:

  1. Also one useful tool is the R programming wikibook. It is an open content handout and anyone can contribute.

  2. PAC, thanks for the suggestion!