martedì 17 aprile 2007

From Similarity To Distance matrix

# This function returns an object of class "dist"
sim2dist <- function(mx) as.dist(sqrt(outer(diag(mx), diag(mx), "+") - 2*mx)) # from similarity to distance matrix = as.matrix( = sim2dist( # The distance matrix can be used to visualize # hierarchical clustering results as dendrograms hc = hclust( plot(hc)

See Multivariate Analysis (Probability and Mathematical Statistics) for the statistical theory.

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  2. You're right! Fixed! Thank you!

  3. which page/section is the theory? Thank you!

  4. Dear Jianhua, this post was written long time ago (2007) and unfortunately I don't have access to that book anymore...
    The RFLPtools package seems to present a similar function, take a loot at as a starting point. HIH!